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Emotions: Body & Mind

Mar 02, 2017

What positive emotions do you experience when you use essential oils?

“Emotions are at the interface between mind and body, going back and forth between the two and influencing both.”

"All thoughts and all bodily functions involve peptides (chemicals). Each peptide (chemical) mediates a particular emotional state. All our perceptions and thoughts are colored by emotions. There is no such thing as objective, rational thought. A chemical network of peptides integrates our mental, emotional and biological activities. So where are the emotions? It used to be thought that mind and consciousness were located in the brain but the answer is really quite shocking. The emotions are happening everywhere simultaneously and we really need to learn to think of ourselves in a totally new way. Emotions are in the digestive system, in the immune system, in the endocrine system etc.”

– Dr. Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion

We smell essential oils , bathe in them, rub them on our feet, drop them in our food. They race through our bodies, circulatory system and interact with all these peptides or chemicals. Essential oils are known to effect our emotions through smell in a direct route to the limbic part of our brain, the seat of emotional memory. Now science is proving that our emotions are created all over our bodies and the amazing effects of essential oils will be there.

According to the Sense of Smell Institute, aromas will be used in the advertising industry in the next decade to influence far more than making a room smell better with a scented candle or our armpits to be less offensive. Aroma will be used to help:

  • promote relaxation and reduce stress,
  • improve work performance,
  • elevate mood and reduce depression,
  • modify sleep and dreams,
  • improve self image
  • retrieve memories
  • enhance sexuality
  • improve social relationship

The other day I posted a Facebook live about something I do almost every night. I use essential oils to lock in a happy, delicious moment for 5 minutes, before I go to bed. These 5 minutes create all of the emotions above items for me. I go outside and stair at the sky, just enjoying it. It may be lit up with stars or lightening. It may be pitch black inspiring me with the vastness of the universe. All the while I enjoy the mesmerizing scent of Heaven Scent, a blend of essential oils my husband made for me.
The aroma makes its way to my limbic brain and locks in this memory. One that I can relive every time I use it. Think of the accumulation of just one years memories of doing this. The quiet, peace, tranquility, and inspiration you feel. Each time you do this you add another deposit of good into your emotional bank account and the awesome thing about this is that no one can withdraw this from you. Its there permanently. A vault of positivity for you to draw on any time you are not feeling so great. Just use that oil again , in any way and you will be transported to hundreds of quiet, peaceful, powerful nights.

Do it tonight, grab your Heaven Scent go outside, set a timer on your phone. Five minutes will seem like an eternity when you first do it, or if things are pressing on you to cut the time short. Don't do it! Stay for 5 minutes. Breath in the aroma and just stare at that sky and let it effect every part of you!


Written by Leiann King.


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