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Culture Lacking Sulfur

Jun 21, 2017

Good day everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good week, and looking forward to a great weekend. In the meantime, I thought I would share some other interesting items of note.

In any number of farm magazines, you will always find them addressing a number of issues dealing with soil fertility and the nutrition level in the plants that is grown in the soils.  One is the idea of Sulfur.  In many older publications they bring up the issue of the coal burning plants spewing out that awful pollution.  This was not viewed as a totally bad thing.  They bring up the idea of how sulfur comes back down in the down wind path. Then it eventually falls to the ground,  gets into the soil and the soil is regenerated.

The problem? What the charts are showing is that over the past decade there has been a very serious sulfur deficiency decline in the soil that they have measured.  A decline of these very elements.  This is interesting because of the idea of cutting coal power plant plant emissions... over the past decade. Perhaps nature has some how taken into account the problems that we cause and has set up solutions to deal with it.  Some of the same issues are coming up in other minerals such as Potasssium, Boron, Zinc and several other vital, micro and macro elements. All of these are considered to be pollution issues. But yet these very items are necessary for overall plant health.

An interesting side note. One of my sons came home one day and he was telling me how this one guy that he worked for fed coal to his pigs. He thought it was weird. The guy is about my age, old school thinker. So I got remembering back in the kid days, my Dad fed his pigs coal as well.  So why would they do that? Think about it, coal consists of organic matter and natural element. The natural element consists of material such as Sulfur, and a host of other minerals. All necessary for both plant and animal. Am I suggesting that we go out and eat coal.  No, just connect some dots. Salt also has a similar story.  That will be for another day.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards!


Written by Kent King/


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