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#1 Essay on Parasites; Cobalt and the Hooke Pokier.

Nov 10, 2021

There is a phrase out there that goes like this," Cobalt is everywhere, yet it is no where". As we try to understand parasites, one must look closely at some aspects before the parasite invades, so that you can understand why they invade. So for this little part, we will look at Cobalt for our example and use it as the template.

I like the idea of Cobalt and what it does. We have several versions of Cobalt but the version of interest to us is the nutritional version of it. Cobalt is absolutely necessary for life, yet a very small amount of it is required. Like many trace minerals and more specifically better defined as super trace minerals, of which Cobalt could be placed into that category. One of the main jobs, one job of many, is related to the formation or action potential of Vitamin B-12. How the actual B-12 thing forms and the action potential is species dependent. Here we are looking at it in a general sense.

When we start to really look at Cobalt we see it being involved in everything "Energy". Perhaps one reason is this, it is the main element that bridges the canyon between metallic and non-metallic elements. While non-metallic will play a major role in nutritional elements, metallic ones also play an equally important role as well. Everything with regards to life is powered by electricity. Yes, our biologically bodies run on electricity. All of these elements are converted to electro-chemical energy and once that takes place, we need the metallic elements in order for the electrical conductivity to take place. Cobalt is right there in the center of this and provides balance in this whole process. When Cobalt is functioning in its nutritional form, it is actually a form of magnetism at its strongest form. As a result of this we have a real complicated process that all of this energy goes through in order for us to be able to use it. The process/procedure takes a lot of space to explain and in this format it would end up giving you the "Deer in the head light" look with me trying to explain it in this format in a short form. Just keep this in mind, once we get through this procedure and to the end of this process, we have an efficient process of energy extraction from Proteins and Fats we consume.

Basically, generally,  we do not supplement for Cobalt. Cobalt is not found in forms and isolated situations like many other elements. Well, when it comes to land sourcing. Now in the oceans, a whole different story. Normally, it is usually found in the earth's crust and is mixed in with other elements, most generally obtained as a by product of Copper and Nickel production. But at this point it is not overly efficient to be used in this form, one is better off to have it come up through a plant and then the plant being consumed. Well, not only through plants but through other animal life forms and then consuming the meat products. Surprisingly, Barley Grass juice is one of the better sources of Cobalt from the land plant sources. The generally accepted number for the amount of Cobalt that we need on a daily basis is about 2.5 mcg., so not much, quantity wise. Barley Grass juice has around 80 mcg., per 100 grams of Barley Grass juice. Some types of Sea Weed will come in at around 60 mcg., per 100 grams of Sea Weed. Eggs from Ducks, Geese, etc., will come in at about 25 to 40 mcg., per 100 mcg., of egg. However, chicken eggs are down at like 1 mcg., per 100 grams. The reason for this is that processing of food, well with chickens, which usually will eat a very high amount of "processed" grains, it stands to reason as processing of food is disastrous for the retention of Cobalt. There are some distant connections, but if you think of Omega 3 and the keeping of it in food, then it makes for a better understanding as Omega 3's are found in unprocessed food stuffs much the same as Cobalt is found in food stuffs and is removed by similar processes. With the Barley connection, it is usually grown under conditions of higher elevation, so less crop cycles through the soil over time, and overall a generally high quality cereal grain, so that transfers over to the high nutritional values of Barley. Now, lets not sound all intelligent and try to argue the Gluten angle here because that argument has no merit here as that aspect is caused by other issues, after the fact, such as other element deficiencies and parasites, yes, parasites and herbicides. There are also no GMO Barley. There are Hybrid varieties, but no GMO and the two are not even the same. But the GMO thing does a play a part in the Cobalt thing, so next paragraph.

There are other sources for Cobalt, but I do not know the numeric values so I didn't include those in the previous paragraph, but  some I will here. One of the real good sources of usable Cobalt is Sugar. Yes, I said it, sugar. But not all sugar. Sugar contains a good source and in sufficient amounts to meet our needs. But here is the but, and I might add a big butttttt. lol. If the sugar is sourced from a GMO version of the sugar source, then you are screwed for using Sugar as a Cobalt source. The whole GMO aspect of plants used for sugar ends up changing the structure of the sugar to render it Cobalt free or the Cobalt is not usable, essentially. Based on figures from 2018, the best I could come up with, 95% of the beet sugar in the US is from GMO Sugar Beets. But when it comes to Sugar Cane, only about 15% of that type of sugar is GMO'ed and that 15% is primarily in Brazil. BTW, 80% of the sugar in the world comes from Sugar Cane. I am sure that they would like to have more of it GMO'ed. Sugar Cane is a C-4 plant and C-4 plants are not difficult to GMO and make the deal work with ease. But Sugar Beets are a C-3 plant, and thus harder to GMO. So when it comes to sugar, the ideas to making the GMO thing work is not typical, IE; the hard is easy, the easy is hard.  However, the GMO being developed in specific plants is based on economics and some vegetable plants seem to make the GMO process work OK, usually they are high use, high dollar plants as to end product, so sugar beets fit in here well. But some of these C-4 plants do not lend well to the cost of making them GMO, such as sugar cane. Roughly 70% of the processed foods out there use a high amount of GMO sugar in the formulations. I am going some where with this, so stay with me. As a side note for the math people, in 2018, Brazil planted 4000 H.Acres of GMO Sugar Cane out of 8.5 million H.Acres of total H.Acres planted for sugar production. Bottom line most processed food production in the US will use beet sugar, so we end up with "bad" issues resulting from that high usage.

So why are we talking about Sugar as a nutritional source? Sugar Cane contains high to very high levels of the following; Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. All metallic elements and required for our functioning. So, since it contains Cobalt, the bridge between metallic and non-metallic elements, and its role as a modulator between the two forms, we have action potential that is needed fror electrical conductivity and other activities. Cane sugar is also high in Folate; B9, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin and Thiamine. GMO beet sugar is low to non existent or messed up ratios with many of these necessary elements. Now here we go on another aspect. New paragraph.

When this who c 19 thing broke out, I had this idea occur to me, because I had noticed a pattern. So i asked for opinions from people, but I couched it in a different setting. The setting was obvious if certain conditions were met, then the substance would be converted to sugar. Any source that would provide Thiamine serves the same purpose, but Cane Sugar "makes the medicine go down easier". Remember.. Mary Poppins... come on you know you need a laugh. So chuckle at least. I am always am getting asked, because of the essential oil related stuff about what can be done, the question of what can be done with the el j a b O/Hooke Pokier? Here is a little secret... Thiamine, if your Thiamine levels are up to par in the cells, then the the Thiamine will grab onto (sticks to it like flies on fly paper) the mRNA and will block or inhibit the enzymes that paves the way for the transcription to take place and effectively blocks transcription of the mRNA. Does that make sense? So low or no Thiamine, then no blocking/inhibition and thus transcription taking place. See the info on the TPP Riboswitch for further study of this process. Now in all fairness I talked with a very high level, well a medical professional with very high qualifications. This professional was of the opinion that you would need a lot of Thiamine in order for this action to take place, the action that I mentioned previously about the transcription blocking or inhibiting of the enzyme pathway. So likely you would need an inject-able form of the Thiamine. But in my book, any Thiamine is better than none and the best way for most people to get it is to eat foods that are typically really good and transporting Thiamine to the consumer of that food. I wish that we could just use an essential oil that was an efficient carrier of Thiamine, but there really isn't one. Now we can use some oils that would help with making the Thiamine work and function better, so that is where we come in at in that arena.

Cobalt is also involved in the formation of Vitamin D. That is a whole discussion in and of its self. Anyway, Cobalt is highly involved with all things B-Vitamins. B-1 is right there and B-1 is also known as Thiamine. Thiamine also has everything to do with Carbohydrate Metabolism and ATP, which has a huge effect on the heart and nervous systems. Plus if you have a Thiamine deficiency and you are an addicted user of Alcohol, even most drugs for that matter, kicking the habit just isn't going to happen, until you fix the issue of Thiamine and of course Magnesium. Since Magnesium is a metallic element and needs Cobalt in order to work...  All of this is centered around Cobalt. Even though I have said that this or that element is responsible for Type 2 Diabetes, Cobalt, or rather a low level or a no level, so to speak, is really at the center of Type 2 Diabetes. I know, that people claim that Chromium is the cause but Chromium is a metallic element and it won't work without Cobalt and Cobalt is higher in the food chain, so.. yes, Type 2 is a Cobalt deficiency issue, plain and simple. Yes these other things are involved, but they are having issues because of the Cobalt not being there and functioning. Does that make sense? Anyway, since we are talking about Cobalt and Cobalt being at the center of the Vitamin B-12 deal, this same medical professional that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, said that this professional does some work in Mexico and in prescribing certain medicine there for the Hooke Pokier thing, that they also offer to serve up Vitamin B-12 as part of the treatment protocol.

I mentioned all of this stuff so as to build a foundation for a lot of activities that take place and what those activities are using for fuel and actions. Now when something breaks down in any part of this process, we then see a motion begin to take place that leads to a parasite infestation of some sort. This is a natural progression process. I talk about what I did in this whole discussion and I cover a lot of ground. With that we can have a wide variety of possible parasites. Here in lies the problem. It begins to become very difficult to pin point the offending parasite and then set up a protocol to correct the situation. The reason is why is because this "disease" appears to attack a weak point. It also appears to be a GMO type of a issue, so that it is all over the board in its expression and if a person isn't taking this into account, then it makes the job of solving the problem extremely difficult. But as to the parasite aspect, some parasites are positively charged, some are negatively charged and some are, well, kind of neutral, in the sense that they can go either way in their reactions as they react to the situation.. But the bottom line is that they are going to be there and if they aren't given the attention and respect that they need, the person will never get on top of their health issues. As a side note, this whole sugar/energy thing is very necessary to animal and human life. If the sugar/energy thing isn't working in either plants or animals, then death is, well, the grim reaper is notified. From that point it is not longer a deal of living but rather running out the clock, hoping against hope for a good out come that isn't going to be there. 

So lets move on and close this discussion. We will be looking at more specific type of aspects of the parasites situation in the future, but for now, I felt that we needed to look at things in this light of this discussion so that we can have some references to give us understanding down the road. Until next time, take care.

End of Discussion. KK



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