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Bio-Balance Program; Simple Description of the Program.

Nov 06, 2022
The whole bottom line with the Bio Balance program is focused on the balancing of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid. This gets changed out about every 8 hours, or rather in essence renewed every 8 hours. Basically it is a delicate saline solution that is very sensitive to a proper balance. The reason why it is a delicate balance is because it has to be balanced within a narrow parameter of ratios of many nutrients. Why? In order to properly allow for electrical conductivity. We totally function on electricity. We are essentially blobs of clay that comes to life when electricity is applied to that clay. Take away the electrical charge, and yes, we are just a blob of clay that just sets there. Remember back in the past when a science fiction type movie came out? I think it was called Frankenstein or something along those lines. The mad scientist wanted to make a person. He did all this stuff, and the creation j( read; blob of clay), just laid there. Then he hooked up some wires, plugged those wires in and then hit the switch., and juiced up that blob of clay. Then all of a sudden, he exclaims, "It is alive, it is alive". That idea of at least that part is based in concept, scientific fact in that the blob of clay is just that, a blob of clay, until it is juiced up with electricity. 
So in essence, we are electrical beings. The brain runs on electrical impulses, etc. There isn't really many "hard wired" connections in the brain. Those impulses have to jump from one point to another through a saline solution. In order for those actions to take place, a very delicate balance of many elements are part of that so-called saline solution that allows for those electrical impulses to be properly directed. The whole bio-balance program is there to help the body to organize and to provide a leadership role in balancing that saline solution.  This saline solution is known as the Cerebral Spinal Fluid. This delicately balanced solution is for the most part, made in the gut/digestive system, then sent up stairs, to the brain. When the old CSF is cycled out, it comes back down stairs to be recycled. As an off the wall idea here, maybe that is why we as humans developed the idea of eating 3 meals per day. The CSF is recycled 3 times per day, Can I hear a drum roll for this next part??? Who knows maybe there is a reason why we typical eat 3 means per day, perhaps for this very purpose. This also gives perspective as to not only being consistent in when we eat but also what we eat. 
The program consists of 4 main oil blends, Bio-Balance 1, 2 3, and 4. It also has an add on that really helps to make it work a little more effective and that one is called Organ Balance. That one helps to balance out the ratios with the organs in the body that plays a major role in the making of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.
Part of the way that we humans learn is by association, by associating the new thing we are learning by using what we already know. Then by associating and comparing the new information with what we already know. So with that, let's look at the 4 Bio-Balance oils blends.
You might look at this program as a love affair of sorts. Perhaps we should have called this program, a Romance of Nutrients. But we didn't, but it is a romance story, of sorts.  Anyway, the #1 part is much like just becoming friends. We learn some basic stuff about each other, some likes and dislikes, where we come from, kind of like what happens when 2 people first meet and an interest is sparked between the two people. Then in #2, we see a really serious getting to know each other, we meet each other's family, friends,and we really take a serious look at each other. Then when we go to #3 we have the engagement taking place and serious plans for moving forward begin to really happen. We see the direction of the life of the two main people involved start changing and moving forward. Then when we come to the #4 blend, you might say that is where the marriage takes place and the two lives become 1 and life takes on new meaning. The Organ Balance is dealing with family and friends and the whole party outside of the two main characters. Hopefully, we see a life of being happy ever after from this point on.
Let's look at this in another light.The #1 is a story about Salt, Pepper, and Potassium and Iodine coming together to form a basic balance between these 4 key elements.Here we use Coriander, Dill, Orange and Black Pepper. #2 is all about the whole immune system support. So for #2 just think in terms of immune support with key elements focused on Zinc, Selenium Calcium and Sulfur. #3 is a story about actual brain element focus. Here we bring the key elements of Boron, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Yttrium together. We do this by using Rosemary, Tumeric, Basil and Marjoram. Then in #4 we tie in the non metal and metal type minerals to function across the board for brain function. Cobalt is the key one here, along with Iron, Copper and Silica. With this one we introduce some fixed oils in to the essential oil makeup for a more rounded nutrient load. Those oils are Black Cumin, Coffee, Nutmeg, Thyme and Rose Hip.  
We use various oils to accomplish the task of facilitating, promoting and activating these various elements. In addition we use proprietary blends of crystalized inland sea water based nutrients in each of the blends mentioned  to help with overall balancing and in the metabolizing of the oils into the whole body system. Every oil in the program is obtained from a donor plant that tends to uptake the various nutrients and provide them in a good, solid metabolite form and works to form a good balance with regard to ratios and co-factors.
In learning from observations during the development of this program, we observed that some people really liked what they experienced during the get to know part. Others liked what they experienced in the different stages, so they stayed or returned to their favorite stage, until they were ready to move on.  Then others liked a second go around through the whole process. Why? because as we know, when we are in love, life seems to go a lot better.
From a realistic aspect, we look at the 4 main parts of an electrical charge. You might say the Voltage is one.  With each charge there is the polarity, This is the direction in which the electricity flows. Basically, if it flows from left to right or from right to left. It actually makes a huge difference in how the process works. As a general rule the positive charge usually flows from the positive to the negative. Also as a general rule, with electricity if the voltage is high then the amperage is low. The lower the voltage the higher the amperage. To visualize this aspect, think of it in terms of a boxing match between 2 people. The voltage is how big and mean the fighter is. The amperage is how hard the fighter hits. With electricity sometimes the little guy hits a lot harder than the big guy and ends up doing much more serious damage. By this same principle with nature, the micro-nutrients many times will provide a much larger impact than the macro-nutrients.A focus of key nutrients at each charge level and polarity position is considered with each of the 4 blends in the program and by the same token, in the Organ Balance.
How long do you need to use these oils or participate in this program for the best outcome? As a general rule 5 months. 1 month for each blend. Each bottle of oil will last the average person about 1 month.Some people felt they received the best results by going from one oil to the next, such as starting with the Bio-Balance #1 and finishing with Organ Balance. Others felt they received the best results by rotating through the oils on a weekly basis while some did just a hit and miss of whatever they felt like using on that day. The most important aspects to use consistently over the 5 month period. I tried each of the various methods and I liked them all, they all worked for me (Kent's perspective). However, I feel like that you get best results with essential oils if you follow the 6 day on and 1 day off in whatever essential oil protocol the person is doing. I observed the same outcome by applying that idea in applying these ideas to this program.
How much should I use and where do I apply it? 
I found that a simple rule of thumb is to dab some oil on your index finger, use enough to cover your finger print area of that finger and apply it to your skin. Many people felt like rubbing around the belly button area worked best for them. However, any other place on the body will likely work well. Well, not so much so if you put it in or around your eyes or private parts. Just use common sense here. The idea is to get the oil in a place that will absorb easily and not just get rubbed off in a short period of time. A person can use it on a 1 time per day or 2 times per day application. It is a personal preference; IE; what works best for you. The whole finger print idea seems to be pretty close for everyone. IE: if you are a larger person, your finger print area will be larger, so you will get more oil and it seems to balance out as to the body weight application rates. These oils are really safe to use. Within reason, you really can't overdose, as the body will sense the "too much" aspect and it generally shuts down the absorption part. But the key here is to not use them internally. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. These are not formulated for internal use.They are formulated for TOPICAL USE ONLY. I tried them internally for testing purposes. I am still alive, but on the other side, they did no good, no positive, observable effects were noted other than an upset stomach. Basically, internal usage with these blends are akin to dumping them out on the ground.,
So there you have a simplistic, general description of the Bio-Balance program

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