Aromatic Immersion Event

Self-reliant Total Immersion Aromatherapy and Herbal Retreat

July 11-15, 2022

Boulder Mountain, Utah

Gather & distill essential oils, herb walks, home apothecary workshop, in nature yoga & meditation. Meet Artisan distillers and tour herbal gardens. 

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"We have co-evolved with plants as our relatives and allies…and their medicine offers us a direct relationship with Earth as well as the unseen realm where the mystery of healing begins. In this retreat, we will be deepening our relationship with plants, wild nature, ourselves, and each other to support our overall health and well-being." Constance (Master Herbalist and Guest Speaker)

From the Forest to the Bottle! Share a journey into the art, science, and the mystery of essential oil distillation. Organic chemistry and plant energy at the source from start to finish. Gather Conifer trees from the forest in a sustainable model. Process the branches and pack the distillation drum. 

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Experience and learn the fundamentals of the distillation process. Decant the oil. Learn about Conifer essential oil uses. You will become empowered to distill your own essential oils and hydrosols.

Attend a Introductory Seminar (3 hours) at a small family-owned artisan Lavender farm and distillery. Learn the basics of Lavender, such as field design, spacing, pruning and harvesting. Visit the Distillery and drying barn.

Attend a Smudge Stick Workshop. Learn; The properties of each botanical, The history of healing with smudge sticks and how to create and wrap a smudge stick using Lavender, Great Western Sage, Utah Juniper, Pinion Pine and Rabbit Brush.

Chair yoga out in nature, nature awareness meditation, tour of herbal gardens, apothecary tour and class at Night Raven herbals.

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We will begin the week on Monday July 11, 2022, at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. We ask that everyone plan to arrive by 5pm MT. And we will end the week on Friday July 15, 2022, at 10am MT. We will have an extra field trip planned (not mandatory, just fun) for Friday afternoon at Zion National Park.

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Includes Most Meals - Lodging is NOT included

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